History of Knowledge

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9 December 2021
15:30-17:00 CET

Sietske Fransen (Bibliotheca Hertziana)
’Visualizing the Unknown: Visual Studies and Re-Enactment’  

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Welcome to the digital home of the History of Knowledge Seminar Series founded by Lukas M. Verburgt and organized in collaboration with Elske de Waal, with support from the Descartes Centre, NIAS, and the Huizinga Institute. 


     > Report of the Special Meeting ‘Rethinking History
     in the Anthropocene’ on Shells & Pebbles: ‘How
     Historians Can Become Authors of the Future’, by
     Mor Lumbroso and Samar Khan. Available here.

      > Several participants in the ‘Rethinking History
     in the Anthropocene’ meeting will contribute to
     the Focus Section: ‘Rethinking History of Science
     in the Anthropocene’, to appear in Isis in June


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